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Disaster Recovery as a Service


Whereas other Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) providers recover your IT systems following a disaster, Plan B is different.  Our IT disaster recovery service recovers your systems in advance – called Pre-recovery. As the only DRaaS provider to offer this technology we’re changing the face of disaster recovery. Why wait until you’ve had a disaster to recover your systems?

Our cloud disaster recovery solution offers you the benefits of:

    • Guaranteed IT Resilience - because we have already recovered and tested your IT systems, we are 100% certain your recovery will work, and we have a 100% IT disaster recovery success rate to prove it.


    • Improved IT availability - reduced recovery times. We have the fastest recovery times of all cloud disaster recovery providers. This is because all we have to do is boot up your Pre-recovered IT systems when you need them. We guarantee to have you 100% productive within twice the minutes it takes to boot your IT system.


    • Reduced cost - our disaster recovery service is significantly cheaper than server mirroring. There is no capital outlay for hardware, just a low monthly cost which includes all maintenance and testing.


    • Improved testing and compliance. We are the only disaster recovery provider to carry out full end to end testing of your recovery system on a daily basis, offering you a greater level of assurance.


    • Simple recovery process.Plan B’s DRaaS allows you to focus on your business, not your IT, reducing stress and disruption to your business in the event of a business critical IT issue.


    • Reduced Management time. Apart from a 6 monthly test exercise, your IT team don’t have to spend any time managing your disaster recovery solution. This leaves you free to focus on technology which will offer your business a competitive advantage.


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