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Disaster Recovery

As a specialist IT Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) provider our cloud disaster recovery solution offers you the benefits of:

  • Guaranteed Recovery of your IT system – we are the only company to recover and test your IT systems in advance.
  • Fastest Return to Service- our hot standby equivalent means recovery of your IT systems is instant.
  • Low cost disaster recovery thanks to cloud and automation.
  • Simplicity.Our DRaaS allows you to focus on your business, not your IT. Invocation is just a simple call away.

We have 2 unique features which allow us to achieve all this:


We are the only disaster recovery provider that recovers your IT systems in advance every night – just in case you need them. We call this our unique Pre-recovery service. It’s the only way to guarantee the success of your recovery.


We have the only disaster recovery solution on the market that can automate Pre-recovery, offering it at a previously unachievable cost. Disaster Recovery automation reduces the risk of a human error taking place during scheduled downtime and causing an outage. Peace of mind for you and your clients at an affordable cost.

Easy, reliable, guaranteed and fast – just what you need in an IT disaster. Call us to learn more