IT disaster recovery with a difference

A better approach to Disaster Recovery

Plan B is a specialist Disaster Recovery Service – DRaaS – provider with a difference.

Our DRaaS service delivers certified recoveries of complete solutions ready for users to get back to work. To be able to certify and therefore guarantee recoveries, all Plan B recovery solutions are automatically configured to work completely and tested to application level every day to be certain they will work if needed.

Recoveries are simple, instant and guaranteed on Plan B’s private cloud recovery platform with Plan B Engineers providing you with support and technical leadership every step of the way.

Systems Replicated

Incremental snapshot data is combined with existing data to create updated snapshots for each server.

Solutions built and configured

Snapshot data is immediately converted into working virtual images, configured to work on our virtual platform.


Your working replica systems are booted and tested every day to guarantee they will work if required.

Instant guaranteed recovery

Should you invoke it, your Pre-Recovered system is booted and available via secure VPN access.

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