Disaster Recovery – ALL you need to know

Preparation and testing is everything

Disasters do happen and particularly to IT systems. They are unpredictable and whilst fires and floods grab the headlines they don’t happen very often. The most common IT disasters are caused by human error and systems failure – and those happen all the time.

Success or Failure of Disaster Recovery Tests


of completed Disaster Recovery tests fail

We asked:

“Was your last test completed successfully?”

79% of companies aren't testing their Disaster Recovery properly

Are your tests complete to full recovery of all systems?

Do you want to be solving problems and doing things for the first time when your systems are down?

Businesses and IT systems are dynamic and continually evolving, which means the challenges to meeting and successfully handling IT incidents are often much more difficult than expected. That’s when incidents turn into disasters.

Your business’s cost and the reputational impact of an IT incident will be down to how well you plan your Disaster Recovery…..

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In the last 12 months we carried out around


test restores of customers’ recovery servers.

In the last 12 months we also saved


businesses from business ending incidents


businesses from damaging events

Plan B has taken a unique approach, backed it up with daily testing and put their money where their mouth is with their money back guarantee.

Jeff Leaver, COO, Salmon Ltd

You need a Plan B

To handle potentially disastrous incidents well, your response needs to have certainty of success and be as simple and quick as possible. To achieve this you should:

Prepare as much in advance as you can
Automate everything
Test as much as you can as often as you can

So that is what Plan B does. We prepare and provision as much as we can in advance, automate and repeat it everyday, then test it all to make sure it’s working – just in case today is the day it’s needed. Plan B provides affordable protection to ensure the best outcome for the widest range of eventualities.


All you need to get started

We have created some useful resources to help you & your business get started with Disaster Recovery.

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Managed DR Service with Zerto

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