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DR Planning – Developing a good ‘plan B’

Developing a good ‘plan B’ or contingency planning is often ignored or done poorly. Day-to-day operations are demanding, and the probability of a significant business disruption is small, so it’s hard to make time to prepare a good plan, and of course preparing a good plan can be ruinously time consuming.

But as James York, the famous Mathematician who coined the phrase ‘Chaos Theory’ says -

“The most Successful people are good at plan B”

The good news is you are on the Plan B website so you have made a very good start. Plan B can provide you Disaster Recovery Plan - Help, Help, Help....with a really brilliant IT disaster recovery service that will continually pre-recover and test your critical IT servers and make them available again in minutes. However, the additional benefit of the Plan B service is that its simplicity of setup, operation, testing and guaranteed recovery make it very much more simple to document a plan and of course then maintain that plan.

One of the hardest things about creating a Disaster Recovery plan is knowing where to start. Happily there is a Standard to help us – BS25777. We have taken the advice from this and created a template plan – We call it a ‘Disaster Recovery plan in a box’. This template can be used very easily to produce a fully formed DR plan for your own organisation.

The Plan B DR plan template will provide you with the risk assessment analysis and ongoing management process along with a plan for a couple of DR scenarios. It’s based on having a Plan B service and using Regus, our workplace recovery partner, as your solution. It will hopefully shows how simple and beneficial this will be, but it is generic and could therefore be easily adapted to whatever DR solution you may have or choose.

Plan B Disaster Recovery plan – in a Box:

Download a our free DR plan template and instructions:

Plan B DR Plan Template Instructions (read first)

Plan B Disaster Recovery Plan Template

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    “We now ‘Plan B’ every critical server as part of our standard build process. So far the service has been faultless.

    If that’s not enough, the experts at Plan B have helped us to extend use and value of the DR service to test and migration projects.

    This is one of the most helpful companies I have dealt with.”

    Matt Ware, Collar Capital



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