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How Plan B’s Certified Service works

All of our Disaster Recovery Solutions are centred on the Plan B Certified Recovery Service.

This guarantees recovery solutions to be ‘Ready for Service’ and available within a specific number of minutes.

  • Certified Recovery Service
  • Pre-Recovery & Testing
  • Service Options
  • Systems in Recovery

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Certified Recovery Service

The Plan B certified service automatically pre-recovers customer recovery systems and tests every one, every day, so they are guaranteed to work and be available instantly.

To ensure complete service reliability and efficiency, it is highly automated and fully managed; delivering affordable guaranteed Disaster Recovery Solutions.

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Pre-Recovery & Testing

Pre-Recovery goes beyond simple restoration of servers. It automatically produces entire IT solutions that are ready to boot up without any errors or issues on Plan B’s Cloud recovery platform.

How we do it

To achieve this we map all system dependencies and requirements, then automatically replicate those for Plan B’s environment. Automated system changes include things like:


  • Physical and virtual conversions
  • Fix up to operating system files
  • Addressing
  • Licensing
  • Application changes
  • System configuration amendments


Recovery solutions are then tested everyday to ensure they will work when needed.


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Service Options

Plan B’s service can cater for different Recovery (data) Point objectives (from <24 hours to <5 minutes) and will deliver the fastest recovery time objectives all backed by our Recovery Guarantee.


Response time from 5 minutes

We can also cater for any level of architectural complexity including clusters and load balanced solutions.

We can provide various options from the main service for non-standard systems or systems with particularly large or exacting requirements.

We can also provide custom solutions for special networking or connectivity requirements.

As the Plan B service pre-recovers working solutions everyday, we can add additional value by making systems available as a Test platform without any reduction in DR protection. We can even provide DR service on multiple recovery platforms to further increase protection.

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Systems in Recovery

In the event of a customer incident, the Disaster Recovery platform is able to automatically set up appropriate VM environments, boot Recovery solutions, and set up and configure customer specific networking, security and DNS changes. This produces better, more successful recoveries.

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