Often when a buyer is considering Disaster Recovery, the biggest decision is around appetite to risk. Do you decided to take a risk and have a very simple backup and recovery option or do you fully protect your business and all of your IT assets and opt for a fully managed, guaranteed recovery time (RTO) option? A balance is made between the benefits and the price, and with strain on budgets continuing to be a trend for IT departments it’s not surprising that many will be steered towards the riskier, lower cost options.

If you, like many, are in favour of better disaster recovery solutions for your business but struggling to justify it to the board, you may want to build a business case which isn’t focussed on the sole requirement being based on a “disaster” scenario.

Disaster Recovery solutions offered by Plan B can also offer the following benefits:

    1. Proactive monitoring of your live systems, preventing IT failure and reducing the risks of IT downtime. Because Plan B replicates your IT systems and rebuilds them onto a separate cloud environment every 24 hours, and then tests them to application level, we see every error that manifests from your live system. In working through these and reporting them back to you, you can ensure that your live systems are healthy and error free, reducing the risk of failures occurring in the first place. Call it a preventative approach.
    2. The ability to perform network maintenance without critical systems being down. A customer of ours who is a software provider recently had network maintenance planned over the weekend to minimise business interruption. They asked if we could run their website for them whilst this maintenance was carried out in order that they didn’t lose any sales opportunities or communication with customers. Because we have a separate, independent copy of their systems we simply routed their DNS to point to our DR copy and their website continued to run seamlessly without any interruption.
    3. The flexibility and protection afforded by having a virtual replica of your systems that is tested every 24 hours enables you to focus on running your business, knowing that your IT systems will always be available.

You might also benefit from our IT downtime calculator which will provide you with a cost justification for Disaster Recovery, calculating the average cost of IT downtime for a business like yours.

If you’d like to discuss Disaster Recovery for your business, or help justifying Disaster Recovery contact Plan B as we’re always happy to have a friendly chat.

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