When it comes to considering Backup for your business, with so many vendors on the market how do you know which one is right for you? More important priorities rarely let you assess the market extensively so often the quickest and easiest option to to look at who your IT service provider recommends. There is a risk involved in enlisting your IT provider to manage your backup because it increases the likelihood of data loss should your IT provider go into administration, and negates the benefit of having copies of your data in the hands of an independent supplier to improve your IT resilience.

So, providing that you opt for choosing a separate backup provider, here are our top tips on what to look for in a supplier:

1. Certification – look for ISO27001 certification (from your provider, not just the data centres that the data is held in). this shows good information security management and solid processes for handling your data.

2. Management Options – providers that offer a range of management options, with the ability to flex between these should you need additional resource at times will offer better longevity to flex and adapt with your business. Not many providers offer a proactive approach to managing their customers’ backup, so those who take accountability and perform regular testing with proactive error management will offer extra peace of mind.

3. Security & Encryption – ensure that your backup is encrypted from the moment it leaves your premises -both in transit and at rest. Authentication protocols should be in place to make sure that nobody can restore your data without the correct access.

4. Technology agnostic – a technology agnostic backup provider will help to find the right solution for you, rather than trying to make a specific one fit. Look for a company that offers a range of technologies, along with a consultative process to understand you needs.

5. Qualification – what level are the implementation and support engineers trained to? Having a highly skilled support team is essential for the recovery process. Most businesses don;t consider the actual recovery process and how difficult or simple this will be.

For the full insight, including further tips download our Backup as a Service overview.

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