Over the bank holiday weekend, Barclays experienced an IT systems failure which prevented payments from being made from Barclays.net. As is typical of such a problem, it happened over the bank holiday weekend when IT resource would have been likely been a bit scarce and communication less forthcoming, which can only add to consumers’ frustrations. The impact of the outage, which occurred on Friday, was felt quite strongly by some – particularly those that were due to complete on houses that weekend, who had everything packed away ready for the big day, which then didn’t materialise as the completion payments didn’t go through in time, or those that were due their redundancy payments who didn’t receive them as expected. For some, the bank holiday weekend was ruined.

The problem, although not disclosed by Barclays, seems to be a result of some form of human error – the most common cause of IT downtime – following a report that it stemmed from a “routine update to its systems”

A Barclays’ spokesperson responds: “Earlier we experienced a technical issue affecting some payments during a routine update to our systems. Having taken action services are now returning to normal, and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.” Reading further comments, Barclays have promised compensation to those that have been affected by the outage, which could be a costly exercise.

With the service now back to full function, hopefully everyone can get back on track without too much pain being felt. Maybe their release of the first 100% mortgages since the recession was a smart move to alleviate the focus on the outage.