The client

Coller Capital is one of the largest private equity secondary businesses in the world with approximately $8 billion under management. They provide liquidity to investors looking to exit early from their private equity investments. Their investments can vary in size from $1 million to $1 billion or more.

With head offices in London, New York and Hong Kong, their team is multi-national in background and approach, giving them a truly global reach.

The requirement

Coller Capital needed to find a more cost effective, no-fuss, on-budget business  continuity alternative to replace its labour intensive solution. The company’s year long search finally ended when they discovered Plan B, providers of a fully managed, virtual business continuity and IT recovery service.

Although Plan B’s proposition was compelling,  Coller Capital wanted further proof that it was easy to employ and could quickly restore his complex systems in the event of an incident.

The company explained “We chose Plan B’s service for the simple reason that if it did what they claimed then it would resolve a long standing business continuity issue that was hanging over us. The challenge was how to give users access to the recovery system with as little fuss as possible.”

Breathtaking Results

Plan B offered Coller Capital a free 30 day trial, involving protecting a portion of Coller Capital’s IT infrastructure, supporting its Sharepoint, CRM +AD controller and a SQL server. The moment of truth arrived when Coller Capital requested a full test recovery of its systems. From the start of the test it took Plan B just 30 minutes to get Coller Capital’s recovered system up and running. The engineering team was amazed by the fact that each machine booted up, recognised each other and delivered the same performance as the working systems of their live environment. Following the success, the Plan B service was expanded to protect all of Coller Capital’s eleven critical systems. As well as protecting Coller Capital’s business systems, the service has been useful in providing a safe IT systems test environment. This means that Coller Capital can resolve IT issues quickly and cheaply, with no impact on the normal business operations.

The client says

“With a DR provider I want flexibility; as my production environments flex and change can my DR provider keep pace with that? It’s essential that the DR provider can validate daily my position for DR and confirm that it is available for use, and not just potentially available for use. And it has to stack up commercially. Plan B differs from other companies in that it can provide this guaranteed validation that your DR will work each day. In addition to that the invocation process is smooth, and full accountability sits with Plan B for that recovery. We’ve got target times to recover and under all forms of testing it’s proven. Plan B allows us to demonstrate IT resilience to our regulators – the FCA and the SEC, and indeed or investors. Plan B’s service benefits me personally as I’m afforded control over the disaster recovery decision. We’re hosted with a cloud provider, I want to decide if I cannot recover my services with my cloud provider then having an independent recovery capability is essential. I’d say to anybody who places importance on the disaster recovery element of their IT business, talk to Plan B” says Ian Flavill, Head of IT Service Delivery at Coller Capital.

Watch our video of the customer discussing Disaster Recovery

Plan B differs from other companies in that it can provide this guaranteed validation that your DR will work each day

Coller Capital