Leverton Clarke, a chemical manufacturing company from Basingstoke has just become the latest company to talk about their disaster recovery service in this video http://bit.ly/1gwLcV1. Having tried to install a disaster recovery service for 6 months without success, they turned to Plan B in desperation. Through Plan B, they were up and running within days and finally they had the peace of mind that their business was protected. Watch this video to hear their experience http://bit.ly/1gwLcV1

Relying heavily on the resilience of their IT systems, Leverton Clarke is growing quickly in their field and needs to ensure their lean operation can focus on the business without being distracted. The confidence they get from their IT systems being Pre-recovered every 24 hours, means that they know they will be affected for a maximum of 30 minutes in an IT disaster. And having a fully tested virtual replica system means they have 100% confidence in their disaster recovery service.