UK is the 2nd most targeted country for DDoS attacks

123-Reg have been the victim of another DDoS attack – their third within the space of 5 months (having experienced them previously in August and October 2016), demonstrating how rife cyber attacks – especially DDoS attacks – have become. As one of the largest provider of website hosting and email hosting services, with over 2.5 million registered domains, they unfortunately make a prime target for vicious cyber attacks, proven by the regularity of their DDoS problems.

The latest attack, occurring around midday on 6 January, was identified and resolved quickly, with the majority of customer websites apparently being down for no longer than 1 hour. 123-Reg were quick to issue a notice on Twitter at 12:17pm on the 6 January: “We believe a DDoS attack has just started, we are working out remediation options and impact at present. Updates to follow.” The network team scrubbed and rerouted bad traffic, before announcing at 13:55 that “The DDoS attack was resolved at 1pm”. Some reported website being back up and running at 12:39. There were some business however, who were still not seeing their website and domains at the time of this announcement (13:55), suggesting prolonged impact for some.

DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks are caused by excess traffic from multiple sources flooding online services, blocking bandwidth and compromising systems. Harder to overcome than traditional DoS attacks, the fact that they use multiple sources means that they are more difficult to identify and respond to quickly. The threat needs to be contained and effectively removed before services can continue as usual.

DDoS attacks have affected sites such as Warcraft, Pokemon GO and HSBC,and according to trends are becoming more sophisticated and complex in their nature. A report by Verisign, confirms that DDoS attack frequency rose by 75% from Q1 to Q2 2016, with the majority of attacks being focused towards IT/Cloud/SaaS providers. The UK is the second most targeted nation for DDoS attacks after the USA, attracting 9.3% of the global number of DDoS attacks.

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