Disaster Recovery – All You Need to Know

Preparation and Testing is Everything

When your business relies on its IT systems to perform, swift recovery following a failure is everything. Why take a risk on your solution not performing perfectly when the worst happens? Only Plan B delivers testing of entire solutions to application level every 24 hours. After all, if it’s not tested, how can you know it will work?

Frequency of Major Disruptions


of companies experienced major disruptions in the past 12 months

79% of companies aren’t testing their Disaster Recovery properly

Are your tests complete to full recovery of all systems?

79% of companies aren't testing their Disaster Recovery properly

71% of Decision Makers are not Confident


of decision Makers are not confident in their ability to recover information
– CIO Insight

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IT Availability is Crucial

The right disaster recovery solution will enable you to be confident that your business critical IT systems can continue to function, and your business can subsequently maintain operations whatever the scenario. Making the right choice will not only protect your IT systems but protect your business.

Protect your business from…

Complete system failures – caused by fires, floods and acts of terrorism

More common partial failures – caused by human error, cyberattack and systems failures

Damage to your brand reputation and loss of customers

Large and unexpected financial consequences

Discover how much a period of IT downtime would cost your business with our free IT downtime cost calculator.

IT downtime cost calculator

Leave it to the Experts

At Plan B, dealing with IT disasters is our specialty. We’ll help you find the best solution from a range of vendors to protect your business, and get you back to full service faster should an IT disaster strike. Don’t leave it to chance – protect your business with Plan B today.