Why Plan B?

Committed to Delivering Disaster Recovery

At Plan B we’re committed to delivering disaster recovery just the way you want it. Here’s why we’re unique:

Diverse Service Options

Plan B works with best-of-breed replication and backup technologies including Zerto, Veeam and Azure, combined with enhanced service levels to suit your needs. We offer the best range of bespoke DR solutions on the market, protecting physical servers, virtual servers and complex hybrid environments.


Being a smaller, dedicated Disaster Recovery specialist makes our customers feel valued. We spend more time getting under the skin of your business – and have more expertise to design complex solutions. Plan B delivers where others fail.

Outstanding Service

In our latest annual survey 100% of our customers say they would recommend us. That’s testament to our excellent customer service.


Plan B offers a unique automated testing process that certifies that your Disaster Recovery is working every day. It’s different because it tests to the application level, not just the data level. To understand more about how our testing is unique, download our Disaster Recovery testing guide

Recovery Guarantees, Not SLA’s

With our managed services we guarantee that you will be back to business as usual immediately following any failure. Learn more about our recovery guarantee.


Because your production systems are constantly changing, we can flex and scale your DR service quickly with simple contract ammendments to ensure your DR solution stays up to date.