Guaranteed recovery minimises downtime

DraaS provider Plan B is delighted to bring on board 3 new clients this week. Scott Dunn, a luxury holidays company with over 100 employees based in London and Chichester, a leading European financial and corporate communications consultancy based in London with over 500 employees, and the nation’s largest Potato supplier, with over 500 employees. ‘We’re seeing a lot of interest from the mid market’ says Tim Dunger of Plan B, ‘we built our technology to offer mid market companies a solution that’s on a par with the types of replication that Enterprises use. The cost of replication has limited mid sized businesses in the past, but now we can offer them replication in our virtual environment which is a fraction of the cost. We’re seeing real traction with companies that have between 100 and 1000 employees’. Plan B is look forward to reducing the IT downtime for these customers, utilising their ‘Pre-recovery’ platform, which recovers IT systems in advance, guaranteeing recovery near instantaneously.