It’s the trick to justifying your business continuity budget. Exactly how much  is IT downtime costing you and furthermore how much can you save by spending some budget on it? Well we can answer those questions and give you a business case for having the latest in disaster recovery technology.

Our IT downtime calculator has gone to lengths to make calculating your IT downtime cost easy. Using research from CA, we now know that for the average company the cost of IT downtime is just over £14,000 per annum. This is based on the average length of downtime is 13.8 hours, and companies experiencing 2.7 instances of downtime.

So, assuming you have 100 employees your cost of downtime is likely to be £1.4 million per annum.

If you were to use Plan B’s Pre-recovery service we know that your average length of downtime would be 45 minutes. If you still experienced 2.7 instances of downtime a year (which is unlikely given that we often report problems before they are due to happen) then your cost of IT downtime is going to be just £763 per annum per employee, a saving of £13,237 per employee per annum.

Now consider you have 100 employees and 12 servers. Then the cost of our Pre-recovery service is going to be around £21,600 per annum. The total savings will be £1.32 million, giving a net savings of £1.1 million


At IP Expo on 5 and 6 October Plan B will be showcasing our Pre-recovery service. Come and talk to us about your potential savings and see exactly how we can make such bold justifications. What is Pre-recovery and how does it work? As the only provider we’ll be happy to share our secrets with you (well – some of them anyway).