Plan B’s super fast IT recovery service was put to the test once again last week. One of our customers, a medical professional body, called us up and informed us that a consultant had deleted their public folders. At 14:29 an invocation was agreed after going through security protocol with the customer. A slight delay of 6 minutes then ensued because the mobile number we had for the customer on file had been changed, without informing us. It took us until 14:35 to reach the customer to start the boot process. At 14:37 their recovery system commenced booting, which took a total of 22 minutes. At 14:59 Plan B was happy the recovered system had booted successfully and handed control of it over to the customer.

The customer copied their public folders over to their live system, while working temporarily from the recovery system and at 16:36 this process had been completed with all the required files having been retrieved. The invocation was closed and the customer was happy that it had achieved everything required of it. Had we not experienced difficulty contacting the customer then the total recovery time would have been just 24 minutes. As it was, 30 minutes is still considered an excellent recovery time.Invocation-timeline