Our latest recovery exercise only confirmed the high performance of Plan B’s Disaster Recovery Solution. At 14:43 invocation started. As usual it was a full start to complete recovery test as would happen in the event of an actual IT disaster. At 15:10 the recovered system had been booted, fully tested and working. At 15:16 the VPN access to the recovered system was given to the client so they could get back on their system and work as normal (i.e. back to full productivity). At 15:35 we had confirmation from the client that they had full access to their systems and the test was closed.

Plan B recommends full recovery exercises to be carried out every 6 months. With daily testing of pre-recovered data, this ensures a seamless recovery in the event of a disaster. This is what enables us to offer a 100% guarantee that we will be able to recover every single one of our clients in twice the number of minutes it normally takes them to boot their system.