Glasgow area NHS are learning the hard way that a poor DR plan costs a fortune. They are currently in their third day of chaos after a server crash on Monday has left their systems still not working. The terrible thing is that it’s their patients that are paying the price and unlike customers of commercial businesses they can’t go elsewhere next time.

We hear a corrupted MS Domain architecture is the problem. A simple tested replica ready to go would have saved them and all the patients who have had their urgent and not urgent appointments cancelled.  This disaster was not created by the IT,  that is going to fail sooner or later. The failure is on the shoulders of the IT management and the Trust executive that didn’t take the consequences of system failure seriously enough to spend the time and money to protect their patients. Right now they would pay a fortune to get it fixed. They probably have.

Don’t follow the Glasgow & Clyde NHS example, take a leaf out of Salmon Ltd’s book. They are a customer of ours who suffered a much bigger disaster in April in the form of a building fire.

Their systems were up and running and doing work again within 40 minutes of calling us.