SAN Failure resolved quickly with Plan B

Whilst most disaster recovery services are solely there to get you our of a big hole when you really need it, Plan B is unique in that we also support the smaller issues in order to make sure our customers experience as much uptime as possible. Take the weekend for example, one of our customers had a SAN failure and their shelf was not properly UPS-powered. They rang us at 16:00 inform us that they just wanted us on standby in case they couldn’t resolve the problem internally. Whilst they managed to resolve this largely by themselves, with the SAN working again at 17:18, the last server wouldn’t boot. At 18:08 they engaged us to help resolve the issue and it turned out that their BCD needed fixing. Plan B offered our lead programmer as support to go in and fix it over Webex which he duly did, rebuilding the BCD. We managed to resolve a problem that had stumped the internal team and at 18:50 the customer confirmed their machine was booted and had been tested as fully working, which was really thanks to our experience of dealing with IT disasters.