In 2012 Plan B’s full recovery service was invoked 6 times by customers in trouble. Every invocation was completed successfully and within our guaranteed service level and we know we have saved businesses as a result.

In the most recent invocation we recovered an international business who suffered a malicious attack by one of their own employees a few days before Christmas. The attack would have left them without their core systems and permanent loss of about half their operational data. Plan B supported the customer throughout the Christmas period and in to the first week of January. Without Plan B this incident would probably have destroyed their business in the UK.

By contrast, in November we recovered a £60million turnover business that lost their finance system to a catastrophic hardware failure. They were able to swap immediately to the Plan B recovery system and carry on working, and were able to successfully run their payroll for 3,000 hourly paid workers three days later. It took the customer three weeks to rebuild their live service whilst continuing to run their business on the Plan B recovery platform. Without the Plan B service this company would possibly have gone out of business.

We were also called on to assist customers in an additional 7 situations where they had suffered individual IT failures that didn’t warrant invocation of the full service but where they needed assistance to recover their working systems. Again we were able to help in every situation.