2014 was a very exciting year for Plan B; we grew our disaster recovery business significantly, extended our technology and team, and again provided 100% successful service invocations for those of our customers that experienced issues in the year.

Customers & Service invocations

Plan B grew its numbers of customers by 30% with new customers in all market sectors.

We also grew our partner channel welcoming two major new wholesale resellers.

We were finalists for the FSTech, UKIT, BCI & CIR awards for innovative disaster recovery services.

We had 15 service invocations in the year, two of which were over the Christmas period. We were able to successfully help all those customers with all invocations delivered within the guaranteed recovery time and all SLAs.

Operations & Testing

We increased virtual servers under protection by 41% and carried out approximately a quarter of a million server builds and automated tests.

We committed ourselves to the new ISO 27001 – 2013 information security standard and were delighted to have our accreditation upgraded to the new standard at our first audit by the BSI in November.

In September we moved into new larger premises.


We continued to develop and extend our technology supporting new operating systems versions and applications and improving the efficiency and stability of our core systems.

We invested in our recovery infrastructure, replacing our original Silo1 with completely new infrastructure. The new recovery Silo is vastly more scalable with much faster core networking capacity. As of 19 December our old silo was decommissioned and all clients were smoothly transferred onto the new one.

Plan B’s Business

Plan B’s business grew steadily through the year and remain financially strong and stable. We continue to be debt free and profitable. Revenues increased by 27%

We invested around a third of a million pounds in new fixed assets and continued to invest in development of our core software.

We’re hoping 2015 will be equally, of not more,  successful – not only for Plan B but for all our customers, partners and friends!

If you have any questions around your service please don’t hesitate to contact us on 08448 707999 and we’ll happily chat through your future with us.

Tim Dunger