Disaster Recovery Services are ideally suited to the Public Sector

Plan B has finalised its submission for the G-Cloud 8 framework. G-Cloud is a government initiative to encourage the public sector to increase adoption of cloud technologies, which offer flexibility and cost benefits in order to deliver public services more efficiently. The ultimate aim is for the general public to benefit from better services because the public sector procurement process is easier, faster, promotes cost reduction cost and creates greater visibility of pioneering technologies and services.

Plan B is promoting its Disaster Recovery services, which are ideally suited to the public sector. Reliance on technology continues to increase as the public sector moves to take advantage of IT to streamline its processes and functions, and improve efficiency. With an increased risk from IT downtime, the assurance that IT systems are protected from failures is becoming of increasing importance. “We are ideally suited to protect the Public Sector against IT downtime. ” says Ian Daly, Director at Plan B Disaster Recovery. “Our services are unique in that we offer guaranteed recovery within just a few minutes following an outage, and perform a full DR test daily so that we can certify a customer’s DR system as ‘working’ every 24 hours”.

The submission covers Plan B’s Certified Service, in addition to its newer Certified Zerto service and un-managed Zerto service. “By diversifying we are enabling customers to choose from a range of technology solutions and service levels that suit them, and select the level of support service required. Customers may want to manage their own DR, knowing that they have DR experts on hand should they be required, or they may want to hand full management and accountability over to Plan B and be covered by our money-back guarantee.”

Plan B is offers managed services which utilise best of breed technology partners including Zerto and Veeam. This enables Plan B to offer instant recovery times and RPO’s of as low as 6 seconds for both virtual servers, physical servers and hybrid environments. The G-Cloud 8 framework will be finalised in August 2016.