Trusted shortlist of UK-based firms to provide end-to-end cloud services

London, 5th July, 2011 – Plan B, today announces that it is one of the founding members of a brand new initiative to bring clarity and trust to UK businesses looking to procure cloud services. The UK Cloud Alliance, a collective of UK-based technology firms and service providers aims to guarantee the full transformational benefits of cloud computing.

The Alliance will empower and enable UK businesses looking for new ways to answer their biggest challenges. The objective is to provide medium sized UK businesses with a collection of technology choices that can be delivered via Star’s private cloud platform and serviced by local specialists. This initiative brings together the best that cloud computing has to offer but delivered via local infrastructure and by local partners.

The 15 founding members of the UK Cloud Alliance span the breadth of enterprise IT and communications from telephony to security and from hardware migration to virtualization. Plan B and its fellow alliance members support customers by adhering to a strict Code of Conduct that provides transparency and guiding principles to guarantee the customer’s best interests, in addition to Service Level Agreements and any contractual terms. UK businesses now have clarity and confidence in their choice of cloud computing provider.

Ian Daly, director at Plan B said, “Plan B is delighted to be a founding member of the UK Cloud Alliance. Our own Disaster Recovery services and the complementary services of other members represent the best of the UK’s Cloud service offerings. The UK Cloud Alliance provides businesses with a clearer, safer route to exploit the extensive advantages that Cloud services can provide.”

Ricky Hudson, CEO of Star, commented, “We welcome Plan B to the UK Cloud Alliance. Beneath all the hype, cloud computing is very much in demand by a significant and growing proportion of medium sized UK businesses. This is about serving up UK technology to UK businesses because they like being served by local organizations that they can get to know, grow with and trust. Together, Star, Plan B and the rest of the Alliance will bring the innovation and value promised by cloud computing to the most dynamic sector of the UK economy.”

About Plan B
Plan B is an independent specialist UK Disaster Recovery business. It provides an affordable, guaranteed disaster recovery service that delivers an instant recovery of fully working servers on Plan B’s Rescue Cloud of remote virtual servers. Plan B has a 100% customer satisfaction rating and a 100% recovery record. Utilising its own advanced technology Plan B has brought a new approach to server recovery, and is the only mid market disaster recovery service provider to automatically alter server images to run in remote virtual machines and critically it carries out 100% testing of server recovery images. Plan B recoveries are therefore instant and guaranteed to be available within a specific number of minutes. Plan B’s unique approach means it can deliver an Enterprise level of server recovery at a ground-breaking price point that brings for the first time affordable, real risk reduction within reach of small and medium sized organisations.

About Star
Star provides on-demand computing and communication services to UK businesses. Utilising an advanced cloud computing platform, the company has redefined how business people use and pay for the technology that supports them. Star’s On-demand Business Services™ are easy to use and pay for and are available any time and from anywhere, removing unnecessary costs for hardware, software and on-going maintenance. Since 1995, when Star was founded, the company has been an Internet technology innovator and pioneered the system for cloud based spam and virus scanning for business emails that became MessageLabs. In the last 14 years Star has established itself as a leading IT and communications service provider of the highest pedigree looking after 3,500 UK business customers and their 500,000 users. Star has UK based data centres that sit within a network and communications capability that forms the basis of the Star Platform, from which a wide range of computing and communication services are delivered to customers. Star has over 230 employees working from offices throughout the UK, providing the highest levels of customer service and support. Star’s technology roadmap will deliver on-demand, cloud computing services to UK businesses who want immediate access to the latest enterprise technologies.