Enhanced DR service portfolio prompts website refresh

Plan B Disaster Recovery has today launched a new website in response to its enhanced disaster recovery service portfolio. “Our old website focused on our very first fully managed DR service, which pioneered the automation of deep testing to enable recoveries to be guaranteed and certified every 24 hours”, says Tim Dunger, Director at Plan B. “Although our automated testing still offers the most advanced DR testing on the market, with the fastest recovery times available, we wanted to embrace new replication technologies and cloud platforms to give people a wider range of functionality and infrastructure options. We realised every company was different, and the criticality of individual servers within each company was different, and we wanted to accommodate this.”

Plan B traditionally replicated customers’ data and systems on a daily basis, building a virtual standby of customers’ entire IT systems and testing them every 24 hours, however the addition of  Zerto’s continuous replication technology in 2016 meant they could reduce data loss to just a few seconds. With their automated testing service integrated into Zerto’s API, they are the only company to offer daily testing of Zerto replications to a deeper layer – which includes the platform, applications, networking and configuration to ensure the entire DR solution is rubber stamped to work when required.

And now that Plan B is launching an Azure DR service, customers can even choose their recovery platform. Customers can choose to have their DR solution located on Plan B’s virtual platform or on the Azure cloud. “Offering customers the choice of replication product, plus the choice of platform, and even the correct service level for each server means that customers can tailor their DR to suit functionality and budgetary requirements” states Dunger. “We want customers to have it their way, but with guidance from us, the experts, to give them peace of mind that it will work when they need it to.”

Plan B’s new website is now live at www.planb.co.uk