Plan B is growing quickly, but due the fact our technology is automated, we don’t need the resources that our competitors do, allowing the benefit to you of lower costs.

The company was started by 3 Directors in 2008– Tim Dunger (Managing Director), Jules Taplin (Technical Director) and Ian Daly (Finance Director). You’ll speak to and possibly meet Tim and Ian if you are keen to work with us – it is our Directors who hold your hand through the engagement process and help make sure our solution is right for you. Jules often also gets involved to discuss the finer technical details and understand the client’s business to ensure the implementation runs smoothly. Jules blogs for and speaks at industry events as he is a technical genius. He is the mastermind behind our automated technology which Pre-recovers your IT systems every 24 hours. He felt that that recovering your IT system in a disaster was outdated and far too slow – why can’t your IT system be there waiting for you should disaster strike? Hence he made it happen and Pre-recovery was born.

Behind Jules is a team of amazing technical specialists. Steve, Fraser and Laura help clients through the set-up process, and during the first few weeks they monitor and check client’s recovered systems – often reporting back to them errors and helping to improve their system as a value add to our service. They continue to check client’s Pre-recovered systems each day and run test invocation exercises live with their clients every 6 months.

Laura has background in Windows administration, Cisco Network technologies and Project Management. Her interests are in network security, cryptography/cryptosystems and complex networks.

Fraser’s competencies lie in Windows Server based systems and applications, virtualisation technologies, systems integration and support and managed and cloud hosted service operations. He loves the variety of client systems that he sees working in disaster recovery and often lets customers know about problems with their live systems that manifest in DR, even before the customer is aware there is a problem. “It’s great to see and actively participate in a service that literally saves businesses and IT departments from devastating catastrophes. It’s very interesting to work with a unique technology that nobody else seems to be providing as a service.”

Our development team, Karl and Jeremy are busy continually working on the Plan B platform and looking at the future to ensure we stay ahead of the competition. They’re always busy working on technologies that the client will never know exist and that’s just the way it should be – our clients need only know that their spare virtual system is waiting for them should they need it, with our unique guarantee that it will work.

Karl has worked with the likes of Sun Microsystems, HSBC, AWE, Ferranti and Disney. He has strong diagnostic skills and knowledge of Unix administration, with a high success rate of keeping critical systems running smoothly. He is also a programmer specialising in telecommunications, high speed image capture and laser guidance systems. “Plan B provides a critical service which is highly complex and innovative at the back end but seamless for the end user. It is highly rewarding that our efforts mean the difference between a business surviving or failing because of unplanned catastrophic events. I get satisfaction working with a management team which values honesty and integrity above anything else.”

Finally, the newest member, I’ve been brought on to help raise awareness of Plan B’s disaster recovery solution. We’re keen to tell everyone that Pre-recovery exists; it’s cheaper than you think and it’s by far the best disaster recovery solution on the market place. If you want to know a bit more about it, browse the website and feel free to give either Tim or Ian a call on 08448 707999 to have a chat, or email We’re very friendly and eager to help where we can.


By Beth Baxter