Plan B is expanding its Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering to Scandinavia after partnering with SaaS Security in Norway.  With Gartner Group’s analysis saying that DRaaS is one of the strongest growing trends in the market, Plan B is expanding distribution channels for their unique Pre-recovery solution. SaaS Security now has exclusive rights to sell Plan B’s disaster recovery solution across Scandinavia and the Plan B technology is already challenging the traditional disaster recovery methodologies.

SaaS Security was keen on partnering with Plan B because of their unique Pre-recovery offering. A total recovery of a company’s IT system is a complicated and time consuming task. With Plan B’s disaster recovery service all users will be back online within minutes of an IT disaster. This is because they recover and test your IT systems every 24 hours so they are ready to use just in case of a disaster. This is called Pre-recovery and Plan B believes it offers a much more robust business continuity plan than trying to recover systems in a disaster. It has the benefits of reducing recovery times significantly, guaranteeing IT recovery and keeping the recovery process very simple as all the complicated work is done in advance.

SaaS Security is offering Plan B’s DRaaS to companies of all sizes and sectors, but it typically fits with companies who want to guarantee recovery of their IT systems and reduce IT downtime that can so often result in a company going out of business. The other key factor is reducing cost. Because Plan B’s service is automated, costs are significantly cheaper than having a redundant system across multiple locations.

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About SaaS Security: SaaS Security is a Norwegian based distributor of cloud services from Safenet, ProofPoint, Egress, Secpoint and Plan B. It is headed up by Egil Loseth who has been working in the security industry for over 20 years. Contact

About Plan B Disaster Recovery: Plan B Disaster Recovery is a UK based specialist IT Disaster Recovery company. The company provides an affordable, guaranteed, disaster recovery service that instantly restores fully working systems on Plan B’s rescue cloud of remote virtual servers.  The Plan B service gives a completely certain and very simple recovery providing customers the highest levels of protection from any type of IT disaster.

Utilising its own advanced technology, Plan B recoveries are instant and guaranteed to be available within a specific number of minutes. The company’s unique approach means it can deliver an Enterprise level of server recovery, at an affordable price point.  Contact 08448707999