A new Project Manager for Plan B

Plan B is delighted to welcome Lorraine Martin to the team today. In her role as Project Manager, Lorraine will be helping customers through the On-Boarding process, and working closely with them on an ongoing basis to ensure that the highest levels of service are provided.

Lorraine will also help keep customers up to date with the latest service enhancements and product developments. Plan B’s most recent development, launched earlier this year, enables customers to experience zero data loss should their virtual machines fail, thanks to Zerto’s continuous replication technology. The powerful combination of zero data loss, combined with Plan B’s GUARANTEED instant recovery service, offers the best protection of customer’s critical IT systems, along with improved availability.

And with the further adoption of Veeam’s backup service, Plan B is able to blend technologies and provide a single DR service which is individually tailored to customer’s requirements. “Customers no longer need to select a number of different solutions from different suppliers to meet budget and functionality requirements” says Tim Dunger, Director of Plan B. “We can offer a blended approach to DR – working with the technology that suits a customer’s environment and needs, and either enabling customers to manage it in-house, or providing a fully managed service if that’s what they would like. We’re all about giving the customer what they want, whilst supporting them in whatever way they need.”

Lorraine states “I’m excited by Plan B’s energy and innovation, and am looking forward to being a critical part of their growing business. I can see a lot of opportunity for their DR services, especially now that Plan B can offer a range of best of breed technologies and blend them together to deliver a truly bespoke DR service.  I look forward to working with Plan B’s existing customers and also the new ones who are yet to come.” Lorraine has 14 years of IT experience, most recently working with Daisy Communications, where she was responsible for service delivery. View Lorraine’s LinkedIn profile.