Disaster Recovery service offers 100% protection against Ransomware

When a customer of Plan B Disaster Recovery experienced a Ransomware attack this week, the fact that they have a fully managed recovery process meant that we could eliminate the attack within minutes. Our customer, a specialist recruitment firm with around 150 employees, was attacked on Tuesday this week. The initial response strategy was to restore the files held under ransom from backup. Inadvertently however, they had omitted to backup the files in question, which meant that they did not have a copy required for an inhouse restore. After speaking to Plan B’s engineering team to explore options, we were able to locate the files which we replicate and convert into a virtual standby IT solution that is updated and tested daily to guarantee recovery success.

These files were sent over to our customer’s IT Manager so he could restore the files his end. With another problem solved, without any impact to productivity, the customer was delighted and gave the following comment “That’s brilliant, so quick (to restore) I didn’t even see it. Thanks for your help, I should be able to restore all we need this evening. Yet again Plan B to the rescue with impeccable service”

About Ransomware

Ransomware is a malicious software designed to encrypt your files, rendering them useless unless a sum of money is paid. It typically comes via email sent to target recipients, which can even be made to look like they are coming from an internal colleague. Due to the increasing sophistication of Ransomware attacks, they are causing more and more disruption and financial loss to businesses. Our article on a recent Cryptolocker attack on a customer outlines what you can do to protect yourself against Ransomware.

It’s important for businesses to remain vigilant over email, if in doubt seeking clarification from the sender on any links or attachments. It’s also crucial that regularly tested backups of all files are held off-site. Plan B replicates customer files, takes them offsite where they are built back into working systems and tested every 24 hours to ensure that they are healthy and fully working. The results in 100% guaranteed protection against Ransomware because files are kept independently, tested daily and therefore eliminated from the risk of Ransomware.

If you’d like any help or support with Ransomware contact Plan B on 08448 707999 or email info@planb.co.uk.