Our latest invocation came about on Thursday 16 October and we’re proud to announce full recovery of the email system and return to 100% productivity within just 21 minutes. Our client experienced a power outage, and although they managed to bring back up the majority of their servers, one of their most critical servers, the email system, couldn’t be easily brought back. The contents of the exchange server was unusable as their mail system wouldn’t mount. Whilst the IT team was trying to rebuild the server, the employees started demanding access to emails faster than the IT team could work. With productivity at less than 100% the business was starting to get frustrated and losing money. Having gone through an already stressful time of bringing back all the other servers, the IT team needed some support ad luckily had Plan B to call on. They just wanted us to bring back the email system, but as fast as possible to appease the staff.They rang us, and after going through security protocol we simply booted up their pre-recovered email system and gave them secure access. All within just 21 minutes. Staff could be 100% productive again and the business could resume at full functionality.

Following the recovery, the client managed to get their old email system working – but not until the following day. The final task is for Plan B to give them back all their emails which are being stored on the recovery platform and then the client can failback to using their on-premise system.

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