All you need to know about Disaster Recovery


  • Zerto v7

    Zerto 7 is due to be released April 2019 and it could change the way you buy backup and disaster recovery forever. Discover the new features and developments with our guide to Zerto 7.

  • Zerto vs Veeam Comparison Guide

    Download our comparison guide giving you a vendor neutral functionality comparison between Zerto 6.0 and Veeam Backup and replication 9.5

  • Zerto replication (unmanaged) vs Plan B managed Zerto guide

    If you’re contemplating Zerto replication technology as your Disaster Recovery or data mobility tool, it my be worth comparing it as a standalone solution vs a fully managed DR service from Plan B. In this comparison guide, learn about Plan B’s unique automated testing service, daily fault escalation and proactive Zerto replication management which can […]

  • Backup as a Service

    Selecting the correct backup provider is critical to the protection of your data. It may be the difference between total peace of mind and finding yourself in hot water because of data loss. Plan B’s Backup as a Service overview outlines our key features, but also gives you an insight into what to look for […]

  • Top 5 uses for continuous replication

    With IT resilience becoming ever more important, how can you get more from your budget and make IT resilience solutions work harder for your business? Explore our top 5 uses for continuous replication solutions which will offer your business a competitive advantage.

  • Partner Brochure

    Discover the key benefits of Plan B’s IT Resilience Services for your customers. What makes us unique and how do we stay that step ahead of the competition? If you’re looking to offer IT Disaster Recovery or Availability services to your customers then download this brochure to embark on your journey with Plan B.

  • Benefits of Zerto for Financial Services

    With data outages being more costly for financial services than any other industry Zerto Virtual Replication is fast becoming the standard for disaster recovery in virtualised and cloud environments. Plan B has chosen to integrate Zerto technology into its managed services due to its robust protection of applications and data, giving finance sector peace of […]

  • What can Zerto do for you?

    Discover the multiple benefits of Zerto Virtual Replication for your business. From helping migrations run smoothly to making upgrades straightforward and risk-free, and of course for disaster recovery requirements, we keep Zerto is the best tool for orchestrated and easy failover for your virtual machines. Our document provides an overview of all of Zerto’s applications and benefits.

  • Disaster Recovery Market Report April 2018

    Plan B’s Spring 2018 Disaster Recovery Report monitors disaster recovery trends in line with the increase in virtualisation. Discover what percentage of systems are now virtualised, what whether more companies are now outsourcing their disaster recovery, what the engagement with continuous replication technologies is and what the current success rate of DR tests is. Download the report.

  • Disaster Recovery – Best Practices for the Insurance Industry

    Plan B’s Best Practices for the insurance sector outlines the 3 best practice pillars of IT disaster recovery to ensure your business doesn’t suffer damaging periods of IT downtime.

  • Cloud Protector from Plan B

    Plan B’s Cloud Protector Service enables SaaS providers to offer their customers guaranteed continuity of service through an independent DR provider. Plan B offers continuation of service should the SaaS provider fail to deliver service as usual.

  • Plan B Disaster Recovery – Service Portfolio

    Compare Plan B’s disaster recovery service portfolio, which includes Veeam, Zerto and Azure technologies combined with a unique range of service options. Understand the coverage and capabilities of each service, to gain a high level view of performance. Plan B’s DR services can be blended together to form a single recovery solution, affording you the […]

  • Zerto 5.5 – what’s new?

    Zerto 5.5 is available for general release on 22 August 2017 and could be a game changer for businesses deciding on a disaster recovery technology. Discover the latest features and benefits of Zerto 5.5.

  • Plan B Backup and Recovery

    Improve your business resilience with Plan B’s backup and recovery solution powered by Veeam. Backup your VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments offsite to Plan B’s cloud, knowing you have the assurance of our disaster recovery expertise for recovery should you need it, and a secure environment for your data, built to ISO27001 standards.

  • GDPR – a guide to DR compliance

    The EU Data Protection Regulation comes into effect on 25 May 2018, but how is this relevant to disaster recovery? Read our guide to GDPR compliance for disaster recovery to make sure you are fully compliant.

  • Plan B Managed DR Service with Azure

    Plan B’s Managed DR Service with Azure lowers the cost of enterprise class disaster recovery whilst offering you the unique benefits of Plan B’s fully managed service. Azure allows you to: ✓ Remove the cost of complex DR sites. ✓ Choose where your data is located. ✓ Scale without limitations. ✓ Pay-as-you-go cloud pricing. ✓ […]

  • Forrester Wave: Disaster-Recovery-As-A-Service Providers

    Forrester’s latest Wave report evaluates the 10 most significant vendors in the DRaaS providers global market. Vendors were evaluated against 26 criteria grouped into three high-level buckets – current offering, strategy and market presence. Plan B was among the selected companies that Forrester invited to participate, and is proud to be cited as a ‘strong performer’. Plan […]

  • Disaster Recovery Market Report April 2017

    Plan B’s latest disaster recovery market report concludes that a shift in the approach to DR testing is failing to improve IT recovery success rate with 1 out of every 4 test recoveries failing. Although recovery time objectives are more optimistic, the methods of DR being adopted don’t correlate to reduced recovery times, with backups […]

  • Disaster Recovery Market Report November 2016

    Plan B’s latest disaster recovery market report analyses cloud adoption rates for the first time and understands cloud adopters’ general approach to DR and IT downtime risk. Discover how the DR landscape has changed over the past 2-3 years and find out what IT buyers expect to spend on DR, as well as what they […]

  • SaaS Availability Risk – Checklist

    Companies using SaaS should mitigate their risk against downtime. Our availability risk checklist should be carried out annually to ensure that correct resilience and DR plans are in place from your SaaS provider to avoid being without business critical SaaS services for any length of time.

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