New research by Cast has proven that 70% of retail and 69% of finance applications are susceptible to cyber-attack. With Sony and Microsoft having just been under attack, Cast examined 705 million lines of code used by 1316 enterprise applications to identify retail and finance software as being the most vulnerable. Lev Lesokhin, executive VP of cast said “Businesses handling customer information have a responsibility to improve software quality and reduce the operational risk of their applications – not only to protect their businesses but ultimately their customers”

So what can be done about it? Well in these sectors particularly, which hold so much customer data, enhancing the security of software applications is vital. In addition, from the company’s point of view, there is a more pressing need to have a reliable business continuity plan in place. With virtualisation, a cloud disaster recovery solution can allow the company to run from a recovery platform which is not susceptible to attack as it is in a different data centre. This offers them the ability to continue business as usual whilst the on-premise systems are deemed safe again. This approach will minimise the financial loss caused if cyber attacks cannot be prevented.