Plan B Disaster Recovery has today released a new report on Software as a Service SaaS Adoption trends, cloud concerns over SaaS and SaaS resilience. This report digs deeper into the current state of play of SaaS resilience to identify what level of continuity assurance SaaS providers are offering, and whether buyers have thought about the risk of service interruption caused by financial insolvency or platform outages.


Some of the key highlights include:


  1. Saas Adoption is greatest within Operational, Sales and Marketing and Financial functions. The biggest growth is expected in the ERP/Business Information areas.
  2. 40% of people weren’t sure whether they have copies of their runnable systems stored in secondary locations. A key factor influencing speed of recovery, decision makers should know the answer to this and report it in the business continuity plan of the business.
  3. Only 10% of people have contractual service continuity plans with their SaaS provider. On paper, it looks like buyers are well protected, with 43% of businesses having a service continuity plan. But if anything happens to the SaaS provider such as financial insolvency, or a platform failure, the provider is under no contractual obligation to provider continuation of service. This leaves users at risk of service interruption under extreme circumstances.
  4. Although data security comes out on top as the biggest concern over the cloud, there was a broad range of concerns, with a fairly even playing field. This demonstrates that what causes concern to one decision maker doesn’t necessarily to another. SaaS providers therefore need to adapt to changing requirements.Download the full SaaS Report which analyses results from 100 decision makers interviewed at an industry event in April 2016.

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