Disaster Recovery Consultancy

Help you to Make the Right Decisions

Plan B’s professional services will help you to make the right decisions to achieve the best IT continuity for your business. Whether you’re reviewing your DR plan, carrying out a DR exercise or assessing your entire business continuity strategy, it helps to have Plan B experts by your side.

Consultancy Services

By specialising in IT Disaster Recovery Plan B has a unique in-depth knowledge of the technologies available, and can help you to evaluate which is the best solution for your business. And because we are technology agnostic we take an independent view. You can then layer our management services on top should you want.

Our consultants are all DR experts and will take you through a full consultancy process to identify:

  • Your requirements
  • Current risks to the business
  • Available DR solutions based on your requirements, coupled with current infrastructure and technologies
  • Future development plans to help achieve business goals

Plan B is committed to delivering a solution to meet your demands, not ours!

Disaster Recovery Planning

Your disaster recovery plan should be reviewed annually, preferably by an independent disaster recovery expert who will be able to assess objectives in line with your current infrastructure and budget limitations.

Working with you at board level, Plan B will help you to pin down your IT availability requirements down to individual server level and work these into a full DR plan which can be rolled out across the business.

We will identify any areas for future risk mitigation and can deliver a plan to achieve short term and long term IT continuity objectives.

Download our Free DR Plan Template

Disaster Recovery Exercises

Although Plan B recommends full disaster recovery exercises every 3 months in line with changes to your production systems, most companies perform a yearly DR exercise. These tend to be prepared for in advance, and are therefore unrealistic to a live outage scenario, which are unexpected and unplanned.

To truly ascertain whether your DR Plan will deliver to your business objectives, we recommend that an unplanned disaster recovery exercise is performed once a year by Plan B’s professional team:

  • An IT outage scenario is agreed at executive team level
  • Plan B will lead and observe the DR exercise, from briefing stage to business as usual, steering the exercise through classroom based and physical stages
  • A post-DR exercise de-briefing and report will provide feedback to the executive board

Your business will benefit from being more experienced and capable of coping with a real disaster situation, ultimately improving any genuine recovery experience.

Benefit From our Services

  • Review your DR strategy and solutions in line with your business requirements
  • Test and Certify your DR plan with a full, end to end exercise
  • Assess the risks within your business