Hybrid Disaster Recovery Solutions

Because one size doesn’t fit all

No matter what your disaster recovery needs, Plan B can build a recovery solution to meet your own specific SLA’s and budget requirements. In today’s environment, companies often have different recovery objectives for different servers. Business critical systems may require immediate recovery with zero data loss, whereas development servers can afford a slower recovery time and some data loss. In a time of increased hybridisation, recovering both physical and virtual servers so that they work together in a single recovery solution has become increasingly important.

Plan B is unique in that we can combine our managed and self-managed services to cover different architectures and tiered recovery needs. This means we can deliver a mix of recovery times and data loss points to suit each server, and make virtual and physical systems come up immediately together. The upshot is that you can therefore create a DR solution that is perfect for your needs.

All of our services are delivered as a coordinated solution that is tailored to meet your specific requirements. This can cover simple or complex hybrid requirements and involve any or all of Plan B’s standard services, or even custom solutions.


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