Continuous Replication                                Zerto Zerto

For zero data loss

Plan B’s managed DR service with continuous replication utilises Zerto to provide you with the ultimate protection for your virtual servers. We’ve taken the best technology to deliver zero data loss and combined it with our managed service and daily enhanced testing to offer our money-back guarantee of immediate recovery.

Continuous Replication

Service Features

  • Immediate recovery of entire solutions
  • Zero data loss
  • Simple and Orchestrated failover and failback of single VM or entire solution for minimal business disruption
  • Point in time recovery from a few seconds to 30 days ago
  • Automated daily testing to application level
  • Daily certification that your DR is working
  • Money-back recovery guarantee
  • Plan B takes full accountability for Implementation, management, daily testing and recovery

Who can Benefit?

Suitable for virtual servers, our Managed Disaster Recovery service with Zerto can be seamlessly integrated into our Managed Disaster Recovery Service for physicals, offering you a single recovery solution for your virtual and physical servers. Benefit from a single supplier for your entire IT estate with RTOs and RPOs to meet your needs.

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Azure Services

Plan B can offer Disaster Recovery services for Azure. Whether you have Azure as your production platform or are looking to use it as your Disaster Recovery platform, Plan B can help you achieve low cost Disaster Recovery for your virtual servers using Azure.

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Complexity is our Strength

As mid-market specialists, the IT systems that we protect are rarely straightforward. That’s why we get to understand your business requirements before making recommendations. Benefit from our expertise to find the best technology and service levels for you.