Office 365 Backup

If you’ve invested in Office 365 then you’ll want to make sure your data is safe and compliant.

The retention policies of Office 365 are often overlooked, leading to a significant risk of irretrievable data loss if businesses simply install and go. With Office 365, should an employee exit the business, their data will only kept for 1 month before being permanently deleted. Is that long enough for your business?

Microsoft themselves state that “the data remains your responsibility” and that they are only accountable for the infrastructure.  Plan B’s video clarifies the retention policies of Office 365  and explains why businesses should consider Office 365 backup:

Why Plan B for Office 365 Backup?

Plan B’s Office 365 Backup allows you to set right retention policies for your business critical data. With your data safely managed offsite to the highest levels of security and compliance, we make it quick and easy for you to access your data backup when you need it. Whether this is because of accidental deletion, ransomware attacks or to retrieve historical files, we’ll manage your data for you in our secure locations.

Our team of data recovery specialists are on hand to help you through data restorations and advise on the best retention strategies for your business.

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