If you’re trying to justify buying an IT disaster recovery solution, one of your thoughts is probably “it’s unlikely to happen to me”. The risk factor is what you’re really making a decision on. It’s like insurance – you feel really pleased when you have it and need to use it, but even better when you don’t have it and never need to use it as you’ve saved yourself money. Does this feeling of euphoria outweigh the gut wrenching feeling when you don’t have it and DO need to use it though? That’s the decision you have to make.

Taking into account the statistics that companies with over 50 employees lose 552 man hours a year to IT downtime and data recovery at a cost of £208,000 a year*, it’s now looking probable that you will experience that gut wrenching feeling if you don’t have a DR solution.

The top causes of IT disasters are:

  1. Human Error, causing 47% of incidents
  2. Server failures – 29%
  3. Power and Communications failure – 15%
  4. “Acts of God” – 9%

The results from our survey show that human error causes the highest occurrence of server failures. You may feel that a fire or flood is unlikely, and low risk to your business which is indeed true, but our advice is not to neglect the likelihood of human error, as doing so would be highly risky.

* http://www.ca.com/~/media/Files/SupportingPieces/acd_report_110110.ashx