Whilst reading this article around the top 5 IT budget busters, I was surprised to see high availability and specifically Disaster Recovery featuring there. In this era of technology, there are ways that IT decision makers can eliminate the need for large budgets to be spent on their availability needs, and spend instead on other areas. The article states that “19% of people interviewed had been left out of pocket by deploying more failover structure. A further 17% had said they had been hit with a raft of additional costs when implementing a high availability infrastructure such as replication sites”


So why the surprise? Granted, companies who need to have a synchronous mirroring solution to ensure that they will never experience downtime nor lose a single transaction will need to invest in expensive, high availability infrastructure, but those that can afford to be down for an hour and restore their data to the previous evening now have the option of an excellent solution at a budgetable monthly cost.


So what’s this solution?

Plan B’s managed disaster recovery service can offer a near instant remote recovery of failed systems at a very affordable price. It works by taking copies of your critical servers each night, shipping them offsite to one of Plan B’s Rescue systems where they are then converted and configured into bootable systems that will start up without error. The whole process is automatic and the Plan B system will rebuild your entire server architecture, take care of all the required changes and iron out all the inevitable errors. The best part is that it then tests the whole recovery solution every night to make sure everything is working just in case it is needed the next day. Plan B calls this pre-recovery. It guarantees that your systems will be recoverable as they are already set-up and ready to go – just in case. And because your network is already built and ready to go, if the worst does happen the only thing that’s needed at the time of the disaster is just to boot the pre-recovered and tested systems. You then have your systems back and ready for use by your employees within minutes, IT problem solved.
The Plan B technology is automated and resources are shared meaning the costs can be significantly reduced for the client. Low monthly costs means it’s great for financial budgeting and overspend is a thing of the past. And if disaster strikes and you’re left without servers? Plan B will be happy to let you run on their hosted systems until you’re up and running again giving you time to strategically plan your new server solution and build it into your budget and buy it efficiently.
Versus the cost of building an entire replica system that may just sit and not be used whilst depreciating away, the Plan B approach is not just better but by far the most cost effective way for your business to ensure systems availability in the event of a disaster. If that’s not enough it’s backed by a guarantee that you will be up and running again in a specific number of minutes (or your year’s fees are refunded). This has to be the safest and best decision you’ll make for your business.

by Beth Baxter