Disaster has struck UK customers of the Doyenz rCloud disaster recovery service: it’s apparently closing down!

The Doyenz service which is based on Storage Craft technology was launched in the UK in November 2011.

Blue Solutions, a Doyenz partner put out the following statement on their website:

‘Blue Solutions have now received emailed confirmation that Doyenz will no longer be providing or supporting the rCloud backup and recovery service in the UK by the end of this week, 10 August 2012. We understand that Doyenz has emailed UK resellers and MSPs directly to notify them of the change. Doyenz’s removal of the rCloud service is surprising and disappointing.
We understand that Doyenz will retain client data on its systems until only 31 August 2012.’

In contrast Plan B is deploying new UK DR infrastructure, has annual customer growth of 100%, is profitable and has no external debt.

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