Many organisations seem casual about the threat of disaster. This applies as much to critical IT systems as other areas of work. In a survey, nCircle found that only 50% of medium sized businesses had a comprehensive IT disaster recovery plan, and of those only 50% were confident that their plans were up to date and likely to work. This suggests only 25% of mid-sized businesses actually take the loss of their IT systems seriously enough to prepare properly for such a disastrous event.

These companies are running a serious risk. In fact a business that suffers a total loss of their IT systems have a 50/50 chance of closing within two years.

Failing to prepare for disaster

Perhaps organisations believe their IT servers and the infrastructure they rely on are resilient and don’t need a back up. But system resilience won’t cope with a disaster that can affect whole services, buildings and even extended geographic areas.

A fire or flood could destroy your servers and the data they hold. A hacker or malicious employee could wipe out your databases and also the systems they run on.

If a disaster hits and you cannot recover your working systems, you risk:

  • A halt to normal business operations
  • Lost revenue
  • Damaged credibility in the eyes of your customers
  • A failure to comply with the law

Advice from the Information Commissioner’s Office is clear. To deal with a disaster and a potential loss of systems and data, you must have a disaster recovery plan.

What you need

A disaster recovery plan prepares you for disaster. The goal is to recover and get your business operations working again as soon as possible.

Data backup alone is not the answer. You can’t run your business from a data backup. You need the working IT systems that data runs on before you can get your staff back to work and in a position to begin repairing the business damage and getting back to serving your customers.

You need a low cost, simple and secure disaster recovery solution. This should provide speed, convenience, reliability and a guarantee. Together, these help give you peace of mind.

Focused on disaster recovery

Plan B has what you’re looking for. When you opt for the Plan B disaster recovery service, you benefit from proven backup technology.

  • You can take advantage of the company’s focused expertise. Plan B specialises in disaster recovery.
  • You can choose Plan B with confidence. The company’s recovery solution has a record of 100% customer satisfaction.
  • You save money. Plan B’s low-cost fees compare well against the risk of losing data and revenue.
  • You need never worry about your disaster recovery plan working. Plan B’s simple, straightforward process makes recovery very simple and completely certain because all recovery systems are tested to work every day.
  • You receive a no-nonsense guarantee. Plan B guarantees to recover your systems within twice the number of minutes they normally take to boot-up. If not, Plan B refunds your fees from the past year.

Speak to Plan B

Be prepared so an IT disaster can’t destroy your business. Rely on a proven tested service that saves businesses from real IT disasters every year. Contact Plan B today and ask about a free service trial.