Will Zerto 7 be a game changer for backup and DR providers?

Last week we delivered a ‘lunch and learn’ session to some of our partners, to keep them abreast of the Disaster Recovery market and help encourage thought leadership and education to customers. Following a discussion around the upcoming release of Zerto v7 and its functionality, we were interested to receive some early feedback on its potential. For those of you that haven’t been privy to what’s in store with Zerto 7.0, the release is due out in April 2019 and promises to deliver the following:

  1. Converged and continuous Backup and Disaster Recovery. What does this mean? It means that it will be possible to have continuous replication in a journal format that extends beyond their previous 30 day limit, back to 7 years or more. Their elastic journal combines short term and long term retention giving customers the ability to recovery to any point in time, without data loss. In effect this could serve to combine Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions into a single box for customers so that they can benefit from one supplier, one Opex cost, and better resilience against logical failures such as file deletions through to full system failures. It comes with their well received application consistent failover, and virtual protection grouping for easier management of recoveries inhouse.
  2. Cloud Enhancements.Public cloud enhancements will improve RTP/RPO to Azure, with better security and deeper integration to Azure AS and AWS IAM.
  3. Cloud Service Provider Enhancements.New APIs, better billing systems and better VMware V-Cloud director integration
  4. Platform Updates. VMware/Hyper-V
  5. New look at feel to the User Interface and Advanced Analytics with journal history, storage reports and dashboard enhancements

The team at Zerto are understandably excited about this release and early indications are that there will be a strong uptake if it means that companies can get their Backup and Disaster Recovery from a single source. It offers many benefits including saving time, improving resilience and potentially saving cost by streamlining processes.

The cost implication however is yet to be determined and it remains to be seen whether Zerto will make it an easy decision for customers to converge Backup and DR or instead a bitter pill to swallow……

If you need any advice around Zerto for Disaster Recovery, please don’t hesitate to contact Plan B.