IT decision makers all have very different disaster recovery requirements, as our disaster recovery research highlights. With input from the board on budgetary and risk requirements, it can be difficult to meet everyone’s needs. Advancements in technology means that many businesses are running on a mixture of virtual and physical machines, making if difficult to find a single disaster recovery solution. In addition, the criticality of IT systems will determine what RPO (recover point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective) is required for each system, generating the need for a bespoke disaster recovery solution. With a wide range of disaster recovery options available, there are now more flexible solutions that can meet more demanding requirements.

If you’re reviewing your disaster recovery solution, this guide to your Disaster Recovery options will help you identify which is the best strategy for you. In it, we look at Backup and Build, Cloud Disaster Recovery and Server Mirroring solutions to compare price and performance of each of these options. If you’re considering Disaster Recovery for your business then this guide will help you to narrow down your options.