Plan B’s Managed Disaster Recovery Services offer unique functionality and benefits to include:

  1. Guaranteed Recovery times. Our technology automates recovery and testing of your DR system to application level every 24 hours. This enables us to offer a money back guarantee of instant recovery.
  2. Fast and simple recoveries. Because the complex recovery process and testing has already been carried out, we simply need to make your standby system available to you. All recoveries are therefore fast, simple and stress free.
  3. No reliance on your IT team. Our fully managed service means we take full accountability for your recovery. Your IT team are free to go on holiday, or simply remain focussed on the live systems.

To understand more about our automated technology which differentiates Plan B from the competition, download our disaster recovery technology overview. This details what we do once we have taken copies of your systems to ensure that they are instantly available to you following an outage.