Plan B’s latest Software as a Service (SaaS) report outlines current adoption trends and growth areas, in addition to buyer’s concerns over the cloud. Key findings include:

  1. Operational, sales and marketing and financial departments see the biggest SaaS adoption, whereas the growth potential for Logistics and Supply chain departments is low for SaaS.
  2. 40% of SaaS adopters are unsure as to whether there is a second runnable copy of their systems for resilience
  3. 36% of SaaS providers are now automatically offering continuity plans with their services, but only 10% of SaaS providers have any contractual obligations towards service continuity.
  4. SaaS customers feel that their providers could be doing more to protect their data, but many are unsure as to what their providers should be doing
  5. With increasing education, SaaS buyers could be demanding better resilience and continuity of their business critical applications via Escrow Services agreements, creating an opportunity for competitive advantage for SaaS providers if they grasp it early enough.

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