The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is to conduct live training from their disaster recovery site this Thursday and Friday to test the robustness of their disaster recovery systems.  Following 4 weekends of mock testing, live testing is required by the Sebi guidelines to demonstrate resilience.

This follows on from Mark Garvey’s new 3 point plan to promote a more resilient, robust insurance industry, which covers IT continuity as one of the focus areas.

So it’s positive to see steps are being taken to reduce risk in the financial sector – but how long will it take for UK businesses to take heed and follow? Our disaster recovery survey has highlighted that only 24% of companies actually test their full recovery systems and this doesn’t tend to mean they are working live from them  – often the IT team test them without letting employees work live from them and certify them as working; an annual event which doesn’t impact the business at all.

Although for most UK companies an annual DR test where you actually bring up your recovery systems and test them is considered best practice, wouldn’t it be better to see employees working from systems, operations continuing to function and businesses continuing to run at 100% productivity in the event of an IT outage? This is what will give a business real confidence, and customers and markets the evidence that the risk of IT downtime is really not a threat. Looking for a way to find a competitive edge? Demonstrate your IT resilience and shout about it – just like the BSE is doing. Just make sure that it all works, otherwise your reputation will be at risk.