Insurance market bears the brunt

SSP, developers of the Pure software application that is used by the insurance market in order to generate new business quotations, has experienced yet another IT availability interruption. Following on from their hardware failure a few months ago that resulted in over 300 brokers being left without the ability to quote new business for up to 4 weeks, they have now experienced yet another set-back. Last week SSP announced to customers that it was experiencing disconnection issues. This was in response to some customers noticing interruption in their service.

The communication that came out to the customers is as follows: “As part of the work to resolve the disconnection issues from the Pure application reported by some customers this morning, we are going to complete some remedial work on the hosting environment.” A spokesperson for SSP said: “We can confirm that due to issues with a technical upgrade over the weekend, a number of Pure Broking customers have today been experiencing disruption to service. We are working to rectify the issue and restore full service to all customers as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

The issue was resolved the following day, much improved over the weeks of agonising delay, and £thousands of lost business caused by the prior hardware failure, however in a market where transactions are occurring every minute, the insurance market requires better protection of their IT systems from a more immediate Disaster Recovery solution.